“Thank God”: Siblings Celebrate as They Turn Their Dad’s Flooded Mansion to Swimming Pool in Video.


Two Nigerian siblings caused quite a stir on social media as they celebrated their dad’s house being affected by the flood


The young man and his sister turned the water-logged compound of their dad’s mansion into a swimming pool

They were excited about the natural disaster as it gave them a needed swimming pool their dad refused to build.


Mixed reactions have trailed a video of two siblings playing in a flooded mansion’s compound.


The siblings explained via a TikTok video that the flood did them a favour that their father had turned deaf ears to doing.


According to them, it has always been their desire to have a swimming pool in the mansion.


The excited siblings appreciated God for the flood which displaced so many persons and affected businesses.


In one of the TikTok video scenes, the boy put his legs in the water as he enjoyed yoghurt. In another scene, he joined his sister to dance in the flooded compound.


Watch the video below: 


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