“Tears of joy”: Lady shares video of parents’ reaction after she got pregnant


A beautiful video on social media captures the moment a couple received great news about their daughter In the clip,


the couple reacted with a heart full of joy as their daughter informed her that she was expecting a child


While sharing the video on TikTok, the pregnant mum said her parents had been begging her for years to get pregnant.


A pregnant mother identified as @natyfromboston on TikTok has shared a heartwarming video of her parents’ reaction to news about her pregnancy.


Naty in her caption revealed that her parents had been appealing and waiting for her for years to get pregnant and give them grandkids.


In a sweet clip, she presented them with a box filled with onesies and asked them to open the box.


As soon as they opened the box, the mother first understood what the onesies meant and she screamed in joy.


Her excited father followed suit and they hugged tightly while shedding tears of joy over the great news.




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