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Report: Manchester United believe they’ve just ruined FSG’s plan to sell Liverpool

Manchester United believe they’ve just ruined the plan at FSG to sell Liverpool, according to reports. The two giants are both up for sale.


This comes from the Daily Mail. They report that Manchester United fully believe that they’ll take the biggest bidders away from Liverpool.


This comes as the Glazer family announce their plans to sell United. They’ve instructed banks to find investors and while that could mean a minority stake, they’re very open to a complete sale.

Of course, United are now on the market as FSG attempt to find investment for Liverpool. The Reds’ owners are also open to a complete sale but will initially seek minority investment. However, United are incredibly confident that they’ll ‘snatch’ the best options away from their rivals.

FSG plan to sell Liverpool

This was our initial thought when news broke yesterday of the Glazer family’s intention to sell. They are a marginally bigger club than Liverpool and that immediately puts them on top of the pecking order.

FSG’s big angle was that they’d put an asset up for sale that’s almost impossible to find. Chelsea were an anomaly this year as an elite club on the market – and that was completely forced. Club’s of this stature are incredibly rare to find on the market.


And now there are two. Just like that, FSG lose their major negotiation stance and United rightly feel confident of snatching away the top bidders. Forbes rates them as slightly more valuable than Liverpool and that’s all it takes – there aren’t exactly many groups capable of fronting the cash, after all.


We wonder if this makes a minority sale a lot more likely. FSG are very unlikely to get their best-available bidder when it comes to someone wanting to buy an entire club. But a smaller investment to work alongside FSG? That should be easier to find, even with United on the market.

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