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Report: Liverpool actually have the money to smash transfer record and buy ‘different quick’ player in January

Liverpool are understood to have the money ready for Kylian Mbappé, according to reports. The Reds are linked with the player.


This comes from Le Parisien. They claim that Liverpool and Real Madrid are the frontrunners for Kylian Mbappé as he looks to leave Paris Saint-Germain.


Real, however, are in the lead. They’re Mbappé’s ultimate preference, after all, and would easily convince him to move. But it’s not clear-cut.


Florentino Perez is unsure about the financial side of any deal. Real and PSG are also on horrible terms with one another and Marca suggested yesterday that the French side wouldn’t deal with Los Blancos.


That would give Liverpool are genuine opportunity to sign Mbappé. The Reds are even understood to have the €150m (£131m) that PSG would consider. There are just two big questions.


Firstly, whether PSG would negotiate at all. There’s a chance that no many is enough for them to part with Mbappé. The other side of things is unclear, too, as Liverpool might not actually want to buy the striker.


Liverpool have the money for Kylian Mbappé

Liverpool almost certainly do have that money. It’s not exactly a secret that they want Jude Bellingham and the midfielder would also cost around that – even if we suspect Mbappé would ultimately cost quite a bit more.


We’re also not sure that Mbappé’s wages are the hindrance many believe. The striker knows full well that leaving PSG means a massive pay cut as they give him far more than any player on the planet. Instead, we imagine he sees a move away from the Parisians as an opportunity to earn more off the field.


Mohamed Salah, for instance, earns more away from football than Mbappé, per Forbes. An acceptance of a pay cut, combined with growth off the field, could entice the Frenchman. Liverpool also have multiple contracts expiring in the summer that may free-up cash.



So financially, this isn’t the problem that it could be. It’s worth noting that Mbappé admitted that he talked with Liverpool before signing his PSG contract, so the Reds believe they can make things work – though, now they must factor in a transfer fee.


Ultimately, this would mean giving up on Bellingham. We’re not sure Liverpool are prepared to do that, even for Mbappé. The midfielder is the most sensible transfer they could possibly make and an almost guaranteed win.


Then again, Mbappé is the highest-reward transfer anyone can make. He’s one of the best on the planet – arguably the outright biggest talent – and a player Virgil van Dijk names as one of his toughest opponents. He’s ‘different quick’, says the Dutchman.


There are so many reasons that moving for Mbappé is too crazy to work. But at the same time, it might be crazy enough to provide more upside than anything else Liverpool can do.

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