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Report: Glazer family hands major blow to FSG and Liverpool with plan to sell Manchester United

The Glazer Family will look to sell Manchester United, according to reports. It’s almost certainly a blow to Liverpool and FSG.


Sky News report that the Glazer family will soon announce plans to sell Manchester United. Now, that could just mean selling a minority share but the possibility of a full sale is on the table.


They have instructed banks to seek investment and will test the waters of the club’s valuation. They’ll then decide on any incoming offers.


Sound familiar? This is exactly what FSG are doing with Liverpool. In fact, this is almost certainly a gigantic blow to FSG’s plans.


Glazer family to sell Manchester United

Per the Boston Globe, Liverpool’s owners want to know the club’s valuation. They’ve put Liverpool on the market and will see if they can get more than Chelsea went for back in May.


The sale of the Blues directly influenced FSG’s plans. They commanded a massive amount of money and FSG believe Liverpool is worth even more. If true, they could make an unbelievable profit on the Reds.


However, that was with the idea that Liverpool would be a unique asset up for sale. One of the world’s biggest football clubs – how often does that come on the market?


Well, now there are two. So quite often, it seems. Forbes rates the four most valuable football clubs as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool. The two Spanish giants are fan-owned and can’t be bought. Thus literally the only club worth more than Liverpool and available for sale is now on the market.Cleveland Guardians v Boston Red Sox


That will have a negative effect. This is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a major club. It’s not even a once-in-a-year opportunity. FSG just left a seller’s market.

Because there are only a limited number of people and groups who can afford a football club. The best bidder will be in for both – and almost certainly go for whoever is cheapest. That’s far from the position FSG wanted.
United, by being a marginally bigger club, can effectively dictate FSG’s valuation now. If it drops to a figure FSG don’t like, we can’t imagine they’ll contemplate selling Liverpool.

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