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Report: FSG stunned Liverpool executives earlier this month in move similar to Super League

FSG stunned executives at Liverpool with their sale plans, according to reports. This news wasn’t supposed to get out so soon.


This comes from the Liverpool Echo. They claim that FSG didn’t expect news to come out about their plans to seek investment in Liverpool.


A report from the Athletic caught them off-guard as they wanted to test the waters outside the public eye. This was never supposed to get out – or at least, not this quickly.


Intriguingly, executive-level employees at Liverpool hadn’t even been told. The Echo compares that to FSG’s involvement in the European Super League. That debacle also saw the owners fail to involve higher-ups at the club, and it seems something similar has happened here.


FSG surprise with Liverpool sale plans

It’s not a great look for FSG that they didn’t let certain employees know what they were doing. Especially as any sale – even minority investment – will have a massive effect on Liverpool.


The comparisons to the Super League are evident, even if that particular case was uniquely bad. At least this time, you can just about excuse FSG.


For one, they’re not technically selling the club. They’re testing the waters of investment before making a decision on what they do. There’s every chance that they just stick as they are, with no new investment or sale.


Though, there’s an easy argument that if there’s no major play here, there’s also no harm in alerting those at the top of the club. It feels like the ‘right’ thing to do, anyway.


As for going forward, the cat’s out the bag. FSG are seeking investment and want to know what’s out there. It’ll be a public search, then, with plenty written already on their plans.


Manchester United being on the market, too, certainly makes things more difficult, though. The next few months promise to be very interesting.

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