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People are concerned’: Pundit says £160k-a-week Liverpool player really lacks concentration at times


Former Liverpool player Jose Enrique has suggested that Trent Alexander-Arnold’s current struggles are down to a lack of concentration.


Speaking via Football Daily, Enrique claimed that the Liverpool player lacks confidence right now.


I don’t think it’s fair [criticism of Trent]. Listen, he’s twenty-three, he’s won everything. I listened to Gary Neville yesterday and he was talking about how many assists he has done in his whole career. I can tell you [he has beaten] mine as well, and this guy is twenty-three. How many he’s already done?” said the 36-year-old.

“He’s just going through a bad spell himself. People are concerned about his defending, I think it’s more a lack of concentration sometimes. Gary Neville said, and obviously he played in that position like myself, he said to come back to basics.

“Sometimes it’s focus more on defending instead of attacking and little by little getting that confidence back. I believe it’s a lot to do with confidence at the moment. His confidence is in the ground.”Liverpool player lacks confidence


Trent withering under the microscope

It would be understandable if Trent’s confidence were in the ground. His performance is scrutinised so heavily week after week.

At the moment, he must know that every little thing he does on the pitch is micro-analysed. That has never been the way to get the best out of player and the same goes for Alexander-Arnold.


Even for someone as uber confident as Trent, prolonged criticism is going to take its toll. He has always been questioned defensively, but it used to be something that happened a few times a season. Now it’s every game.


It could be argued that this is because the right-back is making a mistake every game. If he didn’t, there would be nothing to analyse. But this isn’t necessarily true.Liverpool player lacks confidence

All the things highlighted as mistakes by Alexander-Arnold aren’t what you would call ‘glaring errors.’ Instead, they’re usually situations where he could have done a little better.

If any player is constantly under the microscope, these situations will be picked up.

Therefore, the answer here to me is clear: Take the microscope away from Trent’s game and his performances will instantly improve.

From Jurgen Klopp’s perspective, it could be a wise move to leave the right-back out of tonight’s game with Rangers. Liverpool need him as fresh and as focused as possible against Arsenal at the weekend. Head up, Trent.

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