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Liverpool left with more questions after FSG create Jurgen Klopp challenge

Our weekly Liverpool jury columnists have their say on Liverpool’s January transfer window.

With the January transfer window closed, it’s now down to Liverpool to deliver on the pitch.


The Reds’ only recruit during last month was Dutch international Cody Gakpo, who has so far struggled to make his mark while leading the line in Jurgen Klopp’s side.


Many supporters have argued in recent weeks the squad is crying out for midfield reinforcements, but Liverpool have chosen not to strengthen in this area despite a number of rivals doing so.


Assessing the impact the latest transfer window could have in the context of the Reds’ season, four supporters have shared their views as part of a weekly ECHO fan column.


It was inevitably deflating watching the clock tick down on transfer day, knowing nobody else would be joining the ranks. It was worse waking up the following morning to see that top four rivals Chelsea had pulled off an eye-watering deal for Enzo Fernandez, while Manchester United had savvily replaced the injured Christian Eriksen with versatile Bayern midfielder Marcel Sabitzer.

Ultimately, though, I remain hopeful. We’ve got a squad capable of turning things around and we’ve been here before: just cast your mind back to the gloom of the pandemic season when we mounted a miraculous run to keep our Champions League place.

With the likes of Jota and Van Dijk returning this month and the team showing small signs of progress, let’s just hope we can start putting things right before it’s too late. Three points is nothing less than imperative this weekend.

Andrew Cullen (Widnes, @brothersred5) – FSG can still be the right owners – but they need to start spending

FSG out? Give me a break. FSG plus cash? Yes please. As the transfer window closes without the Reds acquiring midfield reinforcements, we as fans are left to ponder whether Klopp can salvage anything from this season.

A sustainable ownership model based on balancing the books and spending within our means is an attractive one, which accords with our sensibilities as Liverpool fans, and this is brought into acute focus as Chelsea splurge hundreds of millions in this transfer window in some sort of crazed frenzy.

Nonetheless, it might be said to be a valid criticism of our owners that they just haven’t backed Jurgen at critical moments, in line with growing revenue, and that this is now coming home to roost. We did complete the positive purchase of Gakpo last month, but this team of fading heroes needed rejuvenation in its engine room some time ago.

It hurts to see rivals acquiring capable players like Enzo Fernandez and Sabitzer as our season continues to burn. Our transition seems to be unnecessarily self-induced. A win against Wolves might temporarily soothe our frustration.

David Shams (Washington D.C., @ShamsWriter) – Reds have ignored glaring problem for too long – and are now paying the price

There’s a hovering rain cloud that seems to be getting larger. Liverpool fans everywhere know what I’m talking about. Like the car engine light we all ignore, there’s only so long the lights can flash before things blow up in our faces.

January’s not a time for massive changes, but a good bit of business can be done to marginally improve outcomes. No one was expecting anything different, but to have done nothing when something was required seems a bit too much to bear.


The midfield is a shambles, and relying on an 18-year-old for midfield stability when your 29-year-old world-class pivot has done a walkabout seems as close to a flashing light as we can get. But with no business done, ignorance is bliss.

A quick glance at our side that won the Champions League in 2019 and the issues come into quick focus. Of the 18 players with the most appearances from that season, 12 remain. Of the side that started the final, nine are still called on to bear a heavy load. We should know that’s simply not sustainable. The club must now absolutely make a big splash in the summer. Anything less may cause a mutiny.

James Noble (Worcestershire, @james_noble98) – Spending of other sides has only added insult to injury

As often seems to be the case with transfer business, time will likely be the shrewdest judge of how effective January 2023 was for Liverpool.

The mid-term window tends to be engaging and, often, additionally difficult. Time is relatively short and prices regularly peak. That Cody Gakpo’s arrival, right at the start of the window, remained the Reds’ only incoming was somewhat surprising for many. The feeling persists that reinforcements are needed, particularly in midfield, where a drop in efficiency has felt especially palpable.

The likes of ‘Buy when you’re strong’ or ‘Fix the roof while the sun is shining’ are phrases easily said in hindsight, of course, but it does feel justifiable to say that Liverpool haven’t done enough of the above in recent times.


Understandably, perceptions tend to be partly shaped by the actions of other clubs, too. There has been more activity at the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and, in particular, Chelsea. While it feels like more proactivity is needed, the potential returns of Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota and Virgil van Dijk in the coming weeks could shift the picture.


Saturday’s challenging trip to Wolves, who themselves made several January additions, will hopefully see us brighten that picture in the meantime.



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