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Jurgen Klopp responds to seven-year quit theory with blunt update on Liverpool future

Liverpool take on Everton at Anfield on Monday night looking to end a desperate run of form which has seen them fail to win a single Premier League game since the turn of the year.


Jurgen Klopp has bluntly stated he will not quit at Liverpool, insisting: “I will not go and I cannot go.”


And the Anfield boss, who has joined the ranks of the truly great managers, insisted that if the people still believe in him, then he will sort out the crisis of confidence his team is going through – and deliver “great times” once more.


The Reds go into the Mersey derby with serious questions asked by their disillusioned fanbase, with many questioning the owners and worrying Klopp will walk away. Many have pointed out he did that after seven years at BOTH Mainz and Dortmund.


But despite being in his seventh year at Liverpool, he bluntly stated: “I understand when people say ‘oh seven years there (Mainz), seven years there (Dortmund), but that has nothing to do with it.


This situation is totally different for different reasons. At Mainz it was a career step as well, at Dortmund I was really exhausted in that moment. But I am neither nor, in this moment. Neither (career) nor exhausted. I am completely here, and I have too much responsibility (to leave) – and I want it. And I want to sort it again.”


“Yes, it is a difficult time, I don’t enjoy it. But if people believe in me, then we have to go through this together because then when we come out we will have great times again.

“If we could show in this difficult time at this club – especially here because it is so special, because we believe in everything – then we will get through this.”Jurgen Klopp has confirmed he has no intention of leaving Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has confirmed he has no intention of leaving Liverpool 



A rejuvenated Everton lie in wait for a Klopp team which hasn’t won a Premier League game in 2023, and he is under no illusions. There will be more difficult times ahead, before things improve.

But he also believes he’s not just the right person for the job of turning things around…he’s the only person: “I am completely here, I am completely in this, 100 percent committed. Maybe the difficult times are a bit too long already, maybe for me as well, but I knew it would be a difficult season (after last year’s quadruple chase).

“If we win I feel like I was part of it but if we lose I feel 100 percent responsible. I was always like this in my life, so you can imagine how big the responsibility is at the moment, and how I feel now.Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Andreas Kornmayer

Klopp angrily hit back at criticism of the Reds’ head of fitness, Andreas Kornmayer 


John Powell/Liverpool FC)

“And we will do absolutely everything to get through this and prepare the very positive future again. I am really emotional after we lost the game, but apart from that I am completely clear and can do the job I always did. And I am experienced enough to know we can get through this.”

Klopp also came out fighting after his staff were criticised in several articles in recent weeks, including a bizarre attack on his head of fitness, Andreas Kornmayer. “I just don’t like it if you go for the wrong people – go for me, that’s fine but don’t go for other people. I get an awful lot of money to face these situations and my life is fine.


“Don’t criticise them (who can’t respond) – have the balls and go for me, then the confrontation can happen. If they were not helpful or inspirational (my staff) they would not be here.


“I’m 100 percent clear on that. Nobody is here because they are my friend or whatever, it was never the case and never will be the case. They are here because they are best in class in what they are doing.”


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