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Jurgen has seen the talent’: Manager thinks Liverpool fans should all be ‘excited’ about Harvey Elliott

Former Blackburn Rovers boss Harvey Elliott says all Liverpool fans should be ‘excited’ about Harvey Elliott and the player’s talent. Mowbray gave the teenager his big break.


Harvey Elliott is finally enjoying a breakout season after threatening to do so last year. An injury suffered against Leeds United ended his sparkling form last time out but now the midfielder is playing regular football for Liverpool.


And according to Tony Mowbray, it should only be upwards from here. Mowbray gave Elliott his break at Blackburn, trusting the youngster to be the chief creative force at just 17. That’s a special kind of talent, says the manager, who feels all Liverpool fans should be excited.


“I know how much he loves the game. At the core is this love of football and that drives the very best players,” said Mowbray, per the BBC.


“I wouldn’t compare Harvey to Paul Gascoigne, but the sheer traits of the love of the ball and the game – they had it. They can do anything with the ball.


“Jurgen has seen the talent and trusts him. I would be excited if I was a Liverpool supporter about the continued emergence of Harvey Elliott.”

Liverpool fans can get excited about Harvey Elliott

It’s not exactly news at this point that Elliott has special talent. That was clear while he was at Blackburn and performing at a ridiculously high level for such a young player.


But it’s telling that Mowbray still believes there’s more to come. Fans should get excited for the future, he’s saying – not just for what they’re already seeing.

Elliott has the kind of talent that can take him to the very top of the game, after all. He looks impressive this season and it’s in a team that isn’t functioning particularly well. Once Liverpool truly get going this season, we imagine the teenager will move up yet another gear.


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