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It’s the same one, yeah?’: Oxlade-Chamberlain cannot believe one teammate has higher physical on FIFA 23

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can’t believe that Diogo Jota is rated higher than him in one stat on FIFA 23. The Liverpool players compared.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Diogo Jota, Harvey Elliott and Calvin Ramsay played a game of guessing FIFA stats this week. Ramsay, it should be said, was filling in for the absent Ibrahima Konaté, however.


The game was simple enough – four ratings were on the floor for a particularly stat and the players had to guess which was theirs. It led to quite a bit of dejection for everyone outside Diogo Jota.


Elliott, in particular, kept finding that EA Sports thought he was much worse than he did. “Am I really that bad at shooting?” he said after finding out they’d rated him 62.


“See my 62 shooting there. Helped me out a lot,” he said while watching back his Bournemouth goal.


No one was more frustrated than Oxlade-Chamberlain, however, when he found out that Jota was rated with a higher physical stat than him. Something that he did see coming, though.

If Jota has better physicality than me or physical, then it’s get me home now,” he said before the reveal. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s turned out to be 75, two lower than Jota’s 77.

That means this [77] is Diogo Jota, is it?” came the response. “That Portuguese fella we’re talking about. It’s the same one, yeah?”

Diogo Jota on FIFA 23

Jota had by far the best overall of the four players with 85 – not that it’s a great surprise. He did offer some condolences to Elliott, though, who wasn’t happy with his 73.Liverpool Pre-Season Tour in Thailand

The question is, [what was] my rating when I was 19?” asked Jota. The producers then brought it up – 70, on FIFA 16 while he was playing for Pacos de Ferrerira. Elliott pointed out that they’d basically ‘mimicked’ Jota’s old card for his, however. The stats are essentially the same.


As for Oxlade-Chamberlain’s argument – we’ll have to side with him. He’s unquestionably a more physical player than Jota, who’s hardly a powerhouse. Still, that’s how it goes with FIFA games. They need certain players to be better to reflect real life and that can lead to some ridiculous stats.

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