‘I’d do anything’: On-loan Liverpool midfielder now claims he’s more than happy playing at centre-back

On-loan Liverpool player Tyler Morton has claimed that he’s comfortable playing at centre-back if needs be.


Morton starred in the position for temporary club Blackburn Rovers last night. And speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph after the game, the 19-year-old said he had enjoyed the change.

“I was speaking to my dad ahead of the game, it was ages ago [last playing centre-back], maybe when I six, seven, but since then I haven’t really played there. I found it good, I enjoyed it and it was a good challenge for me,” said Morton.

“I’m willing to do whatever the gaffer wants me to or the staff want me to do, and if it means playing centre half and getting the win, then I’d be happy.on-loan Liverpool player

“I was happy with how I played and I’d do it again for him. I’d do anything for him and Blackburn because this is where I am and the club I’m playing at. As many experiences as I can get, wherever I’m playing, I’ll take it in my stride and see where it takes me.”


Morton saying all the right things

Morton’s always come across as very mature young player. His words here only confirm what a good head he’s got on his shoulders.

Some youngsters might complain about playing in an unnatural position. Being asked to do the job in a second-string team in the early rounds of the cup could also exacerbate the problem in some minds.


Not Morton, though. It shows a superb attitude and is the kind of thing that Jurgen Klopp will absolutely love to hear.


The Liverpool boss famously likes his players to be capable of playing in a number of positions. Not only that though, he also places enormous stock in the attitude of his players.


To hear Morton speaking with such enthusiasm will be music to Jurgen’s ear.


If he can keep learning this new position, it could really enhance his chances of staying in the Liverpool squad next season.


Klopp has spoken of his admiration of Morton as recently as last month. It’s clear that if he keeps going with his development, he still has a part to play at his parent club.


Perhaps he won’t be asked to play at the back again whilst on-loan. But now that he’s already proven he can do it, it’s another string to add to his bow.

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