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‘Do I have to tell you again?’ – Every word of Jurgen Klopp’s answer after being irritated by Liverpool transfer question

Jurgen Klopp gives latest on Liverpool in press conference ahead of trip to Brighton in Premier League.


Jurgen Klopp reacted passionately after being asked why Liverpool would not be able to strengthen their squad further in this month’s transfer window, having seemingly ruled out the possibility of the Reds signing any more players this January.


Stung by injuries and struggling so far this season, with plenty said about their midfield woes, Liverpool have already brought in Cody Gakpo in an initial £37m deal from PSV Eindhoven this month. But the Reds currently sit seventh in the Premier League table, seven points off the top four with their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League in increasing doubt as a result.


Speaking at his pre-match press conference ahead of the Reds’ trip to Brighton, the German confirmed that he doesn’t expect Liverpool to complete anymore transfers this month.


“I don’t think so. It’s just the situation,” he told reporters. “It’s like it is. My job is to use the boys we have. That’s it. I have absolutely no problem. I like the teams we line up.


But then when we start changing, you realise upfront we don’t have three, four or five options. If we have options, they are pretty young immediately. It’s fine but it’s the situation. You cannot solve all problems in the transfer window. I know in a dream land you would just buy players now and bring them in but I don’t see that coming.”


He added: “Even when nobody wants to hear it, everyone asks can you win this? Can you win that?


“The only thing we have to win is the next game. That’s what we have to do. We cannot sort the problems like the other teams do. I know I have said that a couple of times. We do it our way. We squeeze everything out and then we will win football games again, I’m sure.”


But then when he was asked why Liverpool weren’t able to sign anymore players in January, Klopp took issue with the line of questioning as he delivered a furious response. Here’s every word of the German’s impassioned two-minute rant…


“I have, I think, 6,000 press conferences at Liverpool. And you were pretty much part of 5,999. In different seats, obviously, but you were always there.


If you want to write or whatever, today you don’t write, today you just record but come on. Now I have to tell you again the money story? Really? Really, do I have to tell it again? What could be the reason that we have money like crazy but we don’t buy the players even when they are available? That’s what you think of me? After all the years?


“Then why do you ask the question when the answer lies on the table? I really don’t understand that. I really don’t understand that. You stand here or you drove here, I don’t know how you came here but now you stand here and this is the question now. You know the answer.


If I was to sit here and answer, ‘No, no, we have money in the bank, massively that we don’t know what to do with, but the players out there are, nah! Nah, we don’t do that, nah!’


“On top of that we have the problem in the moment that four of our offensive players are injured. Our strikers. So now we buy another one then they come back, thankfully. Not tomorrow, but they will come back. Darwin soon, the others a little bit later. And we have seven strikers then.


We couldn’t even put them all on the Champions League list. We had to make a decision. Who goes on the new one and the other one. Stuff like this. It’s just not that easy. That’s why I say you cannot solve the problems, especially with injuries.


“Injuries, that’s the main big shadow on all of us because you cannot solve it in the transfer window. Sometimes you have to but usually we just have to get through until the boys come back and then you can use them again. That’s how it is.


“That’s why in an ideal world, in our best season, we didn’t have a lot of injuries. And it was much more intense than it is now. All these kinds of things but now we have them and we have to deal with that.


“But the transfer market is not for us in this moment. Obviously not the solution. But if something is out there and somebody tells me, ‘Yes’, we will do it. But for this specific situation I don’t think it will happen.”

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