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Devastated’: Liverpool player learns of teammate’s long-term injury while on camera

Fabio Carvalho learned of Diogo Jota missing the World Cup through injury while mid-interview. The Liverpool playmaker is ‘devastated’.


Jurgen Klopp broke news yesterday that Diogo Jota would be out for months. The Liverpool forward will now miss the World Cup – a massive blow for the player and Portugal. It seems that those watching the press conference got the news before Jota’s teammates, however.


Fabio Carvalho was giving an interview for Viaplay when they asked him about Jota’s injury. This was the first the youngster had heard of it, however, and gave an immediate reaction to the news.


Carvalho is a compatriot of Jota’s, of course. The pair both dreamed of representing Portugal at the World Cup together this winter – but now only Carvalho has any chance of going.


“Devastated because I’ve just heard that from you, that Jota’s out of the world cup,” said Carvalho. “It’s a big blow not just for Liverpool but for Portugal as well.


Because he’s a great player, he’s one of the best, so it’s a big blow.”


Fabio Carvalho ‘devastated’ with Diogo Jota injury

It really is a huge blow and given Carvalho is Portuguese, it’ll hit him harder than most. Jota was set to play a key role for Portugal in Qatar – he’s one of the country’s best forwards.

We should say, though, that Jota’s absence does actually give Carvalho a slightly better chance of making the squad. We don’t expect him to go but if he shines over the next few weeks? It’s possible that he’ll be the replacement.


Maybe that’s a boost for him as the 20-year-old was visibly gutted when learning of the injury. Now’s his chance to earn a role for both Liverpool and Portugal, though.


Injuries to senior players offer the greatest opportunity for young players to earn a bigger role. Here’s Carvalho’s chance – let’s see if he takes it.



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