‘ALWAYS’: Jurgen Klopp shares change he made when he saw Darwin Nunez after his red card


Klopp sends Darwin a gentle warning

Jurgen Klopp says that he’s given Darwin Nunez a ‘slap on the neck’ every time he’s seen the striker since his red card.


Speaking in his pre-match press conference via Liverpool FC on YouTube, Klopp joked that when he sees Nunez he gives him a slap to accompany a high-five.

“He’s really happy that he’s back, because I gave him, for this time, always when I gave him a high-five I gave him a slap in the neck as well! Just that he doesn’t forget. That can stop now,” laughed the Liverpool boss.


“He’s looking forward to it, I’m pretty sure. His English didn’t improve that much in this 10 or 15 days, but he looks like [he’s looking forward to it].”

Jurgen Klopp (R), manager of Liverpool FC shares a moment with Darwin Nunez during the open training session ahead of the Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at National Stadium on July 14, 2022 in Singapore.

Klopp sends Darwin a gentle warning

Klopp was joking about his antics towards Nunez, but the point was certainly still a serious one. The German isn’t a manager to throw his players under the bus and he never will be, no matter how reckless Darwin’s actions were.

All the same though, it’s clear that the striker has been let know that he really let his new team down.


That will be forgiven as long as it doesn’t continue to happen. If Nunez can return and show that he has learnt from his mistake, no Liverpool fan will bear a grudge against him.

The same will go for Klopp. He’ll want to see a positive reaction from the 23-year-old. From what we’ve seen in training since the sending off against Crystal Palace, Nunez has looked happy and relaxed.when he sees Nunez


Hopefully that can filter through to match days as well.

Tomorrow represents a big test for Darwin in that respect. The atmosphere will be ferocious at Goodison Park and the fans will surely be trying to get under his skin.

Whether he starts or not, Nunez must make sure he keeps his composure and doesn’t do anything rash.

While it could be a test for his temperament, it also gives the Uruguayan the chance for instant redemption. If he can be the difference maker on derby day, all will be forgiven.

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